Elaine Armstrong, Broker

360.798.6058 direct

4020 E Evergreen Blvd
Vancouver WA 98661

in Washington
The Phillips Group, Inc.

in Oregon
Metropolitan Realty, Inc.

Elaine Armstrong: The Real Estate Agent with Heart
Is it important to you that the people you deal with in business share your values? Then take a closer look at NW VEG business partner Elaine Armstrong. Elaine is a real estate agent with a huge heart who has been serving the Portland Metro/Vancouver community for over 25 years. This community-minded vegan and animal lover has been of great help to NW VEG over the past four years by assisting in many volunteer positions, including tabling at local Farmer’s Markets. However, her favorite task so far involved meeting New York Times bestselling author and health expert Kathy Freston. Elaine explains, “I picked her up from her hotel to take her to the speaking event at the (2009) VegFest.” Elaine also donates 20 percent of her commissions from every client of hers who is a NW VEG member back to NW VEG.
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