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Elaine Armstrong will go the “extra mile” for you! Over 25 years in Clark County real estate and her knowledge of today’s market will give you maximum experience in buying or selling your next home. Her experience, honesty and forthright direct approach, is refreshing in today’s climate.

Elaine’s past clients say that she is knowledgeable, has integrity and doesn’t play childish games. She will treat you fairly and always commit 100% of her time and effort. She can represent you well, whether you are selling, purchasing your first home or in the market for multiple properties.

Elaine also has a depth of knowledge of the rental market and investment properties. If you are thinking of buying a home, land or considering investing in rentals, Elaine will be there to help you.

Angie’s List Review

“Vancouver Washington Professor and Teacher; In the last few years I have worked with many realtors and can definitely say Elaine is the best! She is highly professional, ethical and has a caring personality. My husband and I were difficult buyers, partly due to the fact we didn’t know what we wanted and partly because we were so picky about so many details. When we looked at new construction, Elaine explained how to deal with a builder.When we looked at short sales , she was knowledgeable about the process. Once we even decided to withdraw our accepted offer and to continue looking. The next day she was ready with new places to view. Finally after a year, we settled on an older home in need of remodeling. Elaine was very practical, giving us down-to earth tips about what renovation ideas would work.With a mind for numbers, she was able to quickly estimate what repairs and changes would cost (her calculations were quite accurate) Elaine is great at educating the buyer on what to look for.She showed us how to recognize shoddy construction or siding , a bad roof and water issues.We learned how to evaluate the neighborhood , how to find the covenants and how to determine the value of a house. When she showed us a house , she was an active participant and our advocate. She noticed if there was cigarette smoke, mold or water stains. Most importantly, she was incredibly honest. If I asked her what she thought of the house , she was able to list all of the plus and minus points even if that meant she would lose the sale. Several times she even said the house was overpriced and that we could find a better deal elsewhere . When I asked her about this, she said that she just wanted her clients to be happy with the house. Indeed I have noticed that she has a lot of repeat customers. I have learned to totally trust Elaine. Elaine was always available by email, text or phone. She is so knowledgeable about the Portland and Vancouver markets and can help an investment buyer find a good rental.

When we finally found the perfect house, Elaine helped with the negotiations, explained all the legalese of the documents and gave us the emotional support to get through a difficult process. When we needed an inspector, she found one who was equally picky, just like us. She also had a long list of good, reasonable handymen for repairs. In terms of personality, Elaine is calm but firm when she needs to be, patient and so easy to like. I would definitely hire Elaine again.” ~Barbara B.